Forrest Rogers

Curriculum Vitae

ForrestI am currently a graduate student of Biological Psychology in the laboratory of Dr. Karen Bales at the University of California, Davis. My research focuses on behavioral, neuroendocrine, and neuroanatomical consequences of social relationships and monogamy, which I study with the model organism Microtus ochrogaster. Broadly, I am interested in the connection between social behavior and biological development in both human and non-human animal models, and I am particularly interested in cooperative breeding and parenting behaviors.

In May of 2015, I completed my B.A. in French and B.S. in Biological Science with College & Departmental Honors with International Study Emphasis at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. My previous research mentors include Dr. Alexander Ophir (Cornell University), and Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven (Oklahoma State University), with whom I completed my senior honors thesis, “The Hormonal Response to Partner Exposure in Female-Female, Female-Male, and Male-Male Romantic Partnerships.”

Currently, I am serving as the President of the Psychology Student Association (PsychSA) for the Psychology Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis. Outside of my academic life, I am a foodie, francophile, cat-lover and cellist.