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Allison Lau

Allison Lau
Postdoctoral Scholar
PhD in Animal Behavior

My research focuses on understanding individual variation in the social communication of pair-
bonded animals. My dissertation work focused on understanding the proximate mechanisms
underlying vocal behavior in titi monkeys as well as their unique social looking behavior.
Beyond my dissertation work, I also studied communication in a variety of other systems
including gibbons, tarsiers, rhesus macaques, guinea pigs, prairie voles, seahorses, and coyotes.
My current work focuses on understanding the evolutionary mechanisms of pair bonding and
the ways in which different environments promote certain social systems. My research
program focuses on social behavior and social attachments most generally.
Please reach out at for any questions or research opportunity inquires.

Twitter: @AllisonRLau

For my most up-to-date publications, please see my Google Scholar profile.