Postdocs Current Position
Anita Stone Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, California Lutheran University
Nicole Maninger Visiting Research Associate, California National Primate Research Center, UC Davis
Katie Hinde Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Graduate Students
Caroline Hostetler Medical Science Liaison, Allergan
Michael Jarcho Assistant Professor of Psychology at Siena College, New York
Allison Perkeybile Postdoctoral Researcher with Sue Carter, Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, Indiana
Benjamin Ragen National Academy of Sciences
Rebecca Larke Developmental Disabilities Analyst, UC Davis Extension
Emily Rothwell Postdoctoral Researcher with Agnès Lacreuse, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Trent Simmons Research Data Supervisor at California Dept of Justice
Forrest Rogers Postdoctoral Researcher with Catherine Pena, co-advised by Richard Mallarino, Princeton University
Adele Joly Volunteering on small island near Madagascar
Alex Kowalczyk Ph.D. Student in Psychology, UC Davis
Alexandra Lyon Clinical Psychology PsyD student
Amira Shweyk Field Instructor, Evoke Therapy Programs, Oregon
Anais Castillo Environmental Scientist, California State Water Resources Control Board
Andrea McCall Research Assistant, Stanford
Andrea Sorenson Master’s Student in Psychology, BYU
Andrew Aston Post Baccalaureate fellowship, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Auriane Duchemin Ph.D. Student in Biology, ENS Cachan, France
Brittni Blanco AmeriCorps VISTA member, Multnomah County Health Department Women, Infants, and Children Program
Caleigh Guoynes Ph.D. Student in Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Carlos Almeida Master’s Student, SJSU
Carrine Fung Nursing Resident, UCD Medical School
Charlotte Blanz Medical Student, Tulane Medical School
Charlotte Fontaine Veterinary Student
Chase Nunez Ph.D. Student in Ecology, Duke University
Chris Biondi Associate Scientist, Notable Labs and Master’s Student, SFSU
Christian Constantz Master’s Student in Biology, Københavns Universitet
Chrystel Baudinet Graduate Student at Engineering School of Agronomy in Rennes, Britain
Crystal Vardakis Master’s Student, CSU East Bay while working at drchrono
Dani Peterson Medical Student in Ohio
Danielle Hull Clinical Data Operator, Natera
David Patron Medical Student, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Desiree Garcia-Solano Laboratory Assistant, ART Reproductive Center, Beverly Hills
Diksha Mohapatra Medical Student, American University of Integrative Sciences in the Caribbean
Eglantine Julle-Daniere Ph.D. Student in Psychology, University of Portsmouth
Elisabeth  Lurye Research Assistant, Dr. Kathleen Grant’s lab, Oregon Heath and Science University
Elizabeth Passey Graduate Student, BYU
Elizabeth Sahagun-Perez Ph.D. Student in Behavioral Neuroscience, Purdue University, Indiana
Elsa Llerena Veterinary Student
Emily Wright Ph.D. Student in Psychology, UC Davis
Erin Mast Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) student, San Francisco
Fontaine Ma Pharmacy Student, UCSF
Gabrielle Goetze Small Animal Veterinarian
Gillian Meyers Oncology Nurse, Oregon Health and Science University in Portland
Griffin Downing Master’s Student in Neuroscience, University of Hartford
Hannah Page LDS Mission in Puerto Rico
Harman Singh Medical Resident at Riverside University Health
Isaac Aldous Project Manager, Jive Communications
Jacob Murphy Veterinary Student, UC Davis
James Dang Junior Specialist, UC Davis Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology
Janeet Dhauna Medical Student at UCLA
Jason Lefrandt Master’s Student, BYU
Jay Jefferson Graduate Student in Psychology, UC Davis
Jayde Shackett Master’s Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, George Fox University
Jenna Jackson Undergraduate Student at BYU
Jessica Balland Lab Assistant, UC Davis Mind Institute
Jessica Vazquez Junior Specialist, UC Davis Department of Neurology
Jessie Cashen Master’s Student, Boston University Masters of Medical Science
Joanne-Jane Simien Graduate Student, Drexel University College of Medicine, Medical Science Preparatory-Masters of Biological Science Program
Jon Judkins Medical Student, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
Jonathan Liu Veterinary Student, Ross University
Jonathan Magana Restaurant Manager, Orange County
Josh Abraham EMT, Sacramento
Joshua Campbell Medical Student, University of Arkansas
Julia Harris Undergraduate Student, Westmount College
Julia Palmer Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine
Julie Ngo Medical Student, Michigan State University
Julie Ring Vision Therapy Assistant and Optical Technician, Eye Spy Vision Care Optometry
Karen Kacevas Junior Specialist, Laskowski Lab at UC Davis
Karrie Beeman SRA I, UC Davis Mouse Biology Program
Kate Sprawka Working for genetics company
Kathleena D’Anna Medical Student, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Katie Crean OB/GYN Resident, UCD Medical School
Katrina Forest Master’s Student in Public Health and Physician’s Assistant, Touro University California
Kendall Davidek Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience, Georgia State University
Keri Miller Medical Social Worker, Sutter Care at Home, Sacramento
Kevin Cheng Case Manager, Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, San Jose
Kevin Horng Field Assistant for Behavior Ecology Project, Trinidad
Kevin Su Technologist In Vivi Services, Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento
Lara Cemo Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience, University of Iowa
Larissa Epstein Medical Student, Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University
Leana Goetze Junior Specialist, UC Davis Department of Psychology
Leanna Tran Vietnamese Medical Interpreter, Language Line Solutions
Louisa Radosevich Volunteer at San Diego Zoo
Marina Fisher-Phelps Ph.D. Student in Conservation Biology in Bats, Texas Tech University
Mason Bennett Working at Utah State Hospital
Maya Rhine Junior Specialist, UC Davis School of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Megan Ladish Working as a dog trainer
Melissa Villacarte Direct Service Provider in ABA Therapy, East Bay Area
Meredith Lee Master’s Student in Occupational Therapy, NYU
Michael Rizk Master’s Student in Nursing, Case Western Reserve University
Michelle Chen Junior Specialist, UC Davis Center for Neuroscience
Michelle Palumbo Junior Specialist, UC Davis Department of Psychology
Michelle Wechsler Life Science Research Assistant, Integrated Circuits Laboratory, Stanford
Michelle Swarovski Neuroscience Graduate Student at the University of Utah
Mindy Yuan Junior Specialist, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
Monica Chau Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience, Emory University
Morgan Hottes Graduate Student in Social Work, University of Maryland
Nancy Rebout Ph.D. Student
Natalie Lange Undergraduate Student at BYU
Nate Delaney-Busch Ph.D. Student in Psychology, Tufts University
Neeharika Jaladanki Appeals Coordinator, Health Plan of San Mateo
Nycole Copping Junior Specialist, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UC Davis
Parker Goodell Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine
Peter (Rocky) Samuel Medical Resident, Northwestern University
Rachel Wu Veterinary Student, UC Davis
Samantha Serna Veterinary Student, University of Queensland, Australia
Sarah Carp Master’s Student in Psychology, University of Nebraska Omaha
Sarah Donaldson Master’s Student in Psychology, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan
Sarah Hartman Ph.D. Student in Human Development, UC Davis
Shanna Resendez Postdoctoral Fellow with Garret Stuber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Shreya Jaiswal Master’s Student, University of Chicago
Stephen Anderson Undergraduate Student at BYU
Stuart Lake Working at Monte L. Bean Museum, studying for MCATs
Tarun Mehta Working at Smithsonian National Zoo
Taylor Fong Former High School volunteer, currently a student at UC Irvine
Tessa Siu Occupational Therapy Program, CSU Dominguez Hills
Thomas Schaefer Veterinary Student, Western University College of Veterinary Medicine
Tiffany Chan Veterinary Student, School of Veterinary Medicine, Ross University
Tracy Chong Ph.D. Student in Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Tressia Hing Gastroenterology Fellow, Stanford Medicine
Veronica Torchia Bioprocessing Technician, Genentech
Warda Nawaz Pharmacy Student, California Northstate University College of Pharmacy
Zaviera Reyes Ph.D. Student in Psychology, San Francisco State University